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My work in general, one of the most important problems of modern urban people kurguluyorum on the speed and motion. In particular, have an important role in everyday life in the streets running around the streets and is one of the visual temalarımın.

When addressing the issue of speed and motion pictures based on the daily life on the street kurguluyorum. History of art, including paintings, especially futurists gave way and the post to which the observed kübistlerle. In addition, utilizing photography, Combining the art of photography and painting are two different disciplines offer a form of expression.

Last semester paintings: Turkey Istiklal Street which is one of the most active centers of the flow of the routine of everyday life irdeliyorum, And flowing flood lights motion night with a crowd of people reached its zenith in this environment reflects the surface images of overlapping lines, the loss of light effects and transparent procedure have obtained melting at the same time providing the ability to keep the momentum strong. So for me to express something of the atmosphere of rain yağmasıyla,rain + mistrust = speed, As a result of the surface tension is a motion picture.

The mass of the principle of concurrency at a few points at a time by putting forward figures that I have chosen life in the urban area and the environment on top of replicated and fragmented objects and transparently away from describing the, close, moving, not, I build multi-faceted perspectives visible and remembered mingled.

Outside of the technical and aesthetic elements of paintings by motion speed, and I'm going into a questioning approach with. In today's crowded societies, together with technological innovations to finish every job, every desired place as soon as the individual who is trying to reach as soon as possible yalnızlaşmasını, reduction of relations and the problems of individual irdeliyorum Deindividuation. Capitalism surrounds every aspect of the individual in this period, out of this situation by addressing the crowd of people on the street at the height of loneliness in this environment görselleştiriyorum. Isolated examining the psychological state of the individual spirit with the size of the speed and motion in the context of the relationship between spirit and matter sorgulamaktayım.

Technically, limiting myself to two very different techniques to achieve the results I want to see the work. Oil painting on canvas, scraping on photo paper (My own technical), works by applying fiberglass build on the x-ray film. In addition, I have been speculative fiction space which are parallel to the overall theme and content.


Mustafa Albayrak