Ümit GEZGİN, For Spirit and Body Exhibition, İst/2011


The peculiar dynamics of Mustafa Albayrak Painting

Hope Traveler

Art critic

No long-term creative endeavor. Each artist continues to develop the unique ID of this long-running adventure, at the same time knows that in the event of further develop an open attitude to new, knows and everyone can do it. Most of the times by being stuck in an area can not migrate a stage where the top of a kind of pictorial plane.

I always have been since the beginning of the pursuit of a new line of Mustafa Albayrak, more self-developing artists is one of the younger generation have not stopped for a moment to the. He knowing that the picture next to a long-term effort, recognizes that it is at least as important as the style issue.

Forming a dynamic structure constructed 'physical' reality, The sensitivity of the whole composition and visual lyricism bodies constitutes loaded with spiritual meaning. Motion, indeed exist in space-body integrity, you can get to the visual-cognitive effect increases the. Albayrak envision that in the integrity of stylistic relationships form and content of the image as ayırdında; I always knew how to carry a picture of the future and a higher level.


Up area creates a sense of body, realities at the same time giving the place the sum in the form. Culture, the dominant element in the creation of new areas of communication and culture, the dominant reality of the body.

Since the Renaissance, the dynamic structure based on the existing body, all artists ultimately led to define the specificities of the arts in. Look, symbolized in the whole history of art at the same time the body of a narrative emerges as an area of ​​co-expressed.

Mustafa Albayrak bodies in paintings, being evaluated within the dimensions of, also refers to the situation of a spiritual reality and existence. Has a wealth of increasingly re-defining themselves and are an expression invented.

Street, street, area of ​​the square and the meaning of space, which has become increasingly; I go to re-shape the space, and it adds a visual dimension to the spiritual-Albayrak official, Sözettiren about the reality in contemporary Turkish official also defines the. See the description of his physical aesthetics, but also creates a culture of. Standing and bodies swirling flow in the rhythm of life, Albayrak image in its own aesthetic, establishes a new and dynamic structure.

As a result, the creation of Mustafa Albayrak, the size of the original picture redefines the dialectic of spirit and body. Us on the adventure of becoming the center of life, and he tin'leşen bodies in the center while pulling, produces a high aesthetic. This is a lyrical aesthetic plane flies ...