Demirel Zeliha, For Spirit and Body Exhibition, İst/2011

And took to the air wing çırpışlarında night ürküsüz / Pictures of Mustafa Albayrak

"And you survived the hard times of being a jerk"

İkonaklast tradition, the spirit haykırışıydı; time and space, and physical dynamics. This cry coded language of lyrical expression. Journey between layers of the body, perhaps the spirit of the time was after zaptedemediği, nice and supple and clear steps.

Individual elements and elements "water" or water flow dynamics and direction of the tangent established allegory movement continued growing momentum. A step he takes his canvas Figures, will give us the space we were in the transition state and the shadows do not appear in this transition be prolonged until. Apart from the obvious to us too, or maybe our eyes Locations boyuttaydı zaptedemediğimiz. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal divisions of space and time, passed through time as well as space. But most of the figure (insan) in both time, ağıtla passing through the space as well as a lyric. Since the Archaic era, trying to conquer humanity "water" flow-thread here, on the other hand accounted for wrapping pallets with one hand, people. Everything is flowing, time, space, insan, belihumanten, body flowed.

, And pictorial tradition ever figure izlekte stable, Perhaps the accompanying figure, objects and objects and elements in the stable. In this regard, a critical stance toward tradition of images exhibiting ikonaklast, taking us into action and movement while providing us. Illustrations to create calmness and serenity of this dynamic composition infused with colors and offers a phenomenon both inside and outside of moment in the past.

Reinforced with an installation at the exhibition on the second floor, a figure straight out of the canvas almost in the middle of the space on the one hand while continuing to live in our world, on the other hand beckons us into their world of. -Because of time both inside and outside of this presentation is enhanced, When making a reference to a journey between layers of human or material. Who knows, maybe it consists of only light and water ...

frenhofer'ın restless shadow

peeled off the body of dream and reality

salmon are born black, eastern(m)s kids

kemirdiği curiosity concern self-

on further ötekilerdedir

journey to the place where the sun

night invade images

'Dreams into reality picasso

can look after what has Fuseli

frenhofer who can see beyond the visible

late childhood in the table

tangent to the unmitigated suffering of Balzac '

Atari nervous waiting for a shadow thirty Firebird.

And took to the air wing çırpışlarında night ürküsüz.

Thanks Mustafa Albayrak fişeklediğiniz way to break down the hard work and for sharing with us.

Demirel Zeliha / 07.01.2011